Analyzing Bob’s Burgers Through Theoretical Lenses

Analyzing Bob’s Burgers Through Theoretical Lenses

Bob’s Burgers is a cartoon television show created for adults. The purpose of the show is to entertain their audience. It stays up-to-date with current issues and topics, allowing diversity and gender equality in the show. A very interesting piece to this show is that, during the production of Season 8, the creators allowed one episode to be made completely by fan art. Fan art is drawn by fans of the show, typically in their own person style. Each new scene in the episode was drawn by a different fan, and in their own style. This allows creativity to flow in the show, and also brings out the mixture of art and film in a popular television show. The use of fan art proves that art and the support from fans is more important than the content in the show. This is important, of course, because the show needs fans and viewers in order to keep in business. 

Here is the link for an advertisement for the episode brought by Fox’s YouTube account:

The usage of cartoon in a television show is not new, but using characters who are not perfect and who represent a family that is not perfect but still loves each other is always a nice and refreshing view. This family includes Linda, Bob, and their three kids, Tina, Gene, and Louise. There are more man playing characters on the show, including Linda and Tina being played by men. This gives them imperfect personalities and flaws that normally don’t occur during a television show. Most live-action shows include attractive actors, with problems that exist only outside of their every day lives. 

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