Cannon for Anything but Art

Cannon for Anything but Art

In our chapter on Art History, historians are known as people who are able to come together and decide what pieces of art are cannon-or something that becomes general knowledge in the art world. These examples include the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, or Monet’s “Water Lilies” pieces, or Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

People will always be able to recognize and know the titles/artists’ name of the works whenever they are seen. As these historians have decided on artwork that is known by others, there are other aspects of life that are also considered cannon. For instance, Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” is a scripted play that is known by everyone as the classic love story. Romeo is in love with a woman, whose family refuses the communication with because of the bad blood between them and his own family. The two decide to fake their deaths, but as Juliet fakes hers, Romeo is just as fooled as everyone else, and takes his own life. Juliet wakes up to learn that her lover killed himself for love, and also commits suicide. This story is usually known as the most tragic love story of all time. Shakespeare also has many other recognizable and well-known plays that involve dark love like Romeo and Juliet’s.

Other forms of work that are cannon would be things like the National Anthem for the United States, or even more detailed, “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond and it’s association with baseball. America’s national anthem, called the “Star Spangled Banner,” sung and played before every sports game, and typically played every morning in public schools, is known by everyone who lives in America, and also by much of the world, as America is such a patriotic and outspoken country with regards to their own self-love. These all are considered to be works that are cannon and known to many people in not just our country, but throughout the world.

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