Final PLN

Final PLN

My original PLN plan was quite rigid, in my opinion. I think in order for me to keep up with it, I needed to stay on top of posting. I have no found that I am not very good at that. I had managed to post successfully every week on my Twitter, but ended up just plain forgetting to as the semester came to a close. By the beginning of April, I was putting this account on the back burner while trying to keep up with all of my other work. Because of this, I would say my original PLN was less successful than I wanted. I had followed several new accounts, all under the subjects that I am passionate about, like Art Therapy and Autism accounts. I even followed some parents of those with children with Autism, instead of large accounts that are less likely to be personable. I had trouble figuring out what method was best when regarding how those in my field communicated, as Twitter seems to be an OK platform, but perhaps wasn’t the most effective. Nevertheless, I have still accepted a position in Mass. where I will be working with children with Autism, and have followed the account of the program I am working for. I even made a tweet about the job acceptance, and they tweeted back!

My PLN and twitter account focused more on my own personal growth in more of an existential way. Because of this, I was not comfortable sharing all of the personal details in weekly posts on my twitter. I was, however, comfortable sharing the different progresses I have made as a potter, and how I have adapted to the life of a soon-to-be-graduate. Again, because the Twitter account was placed on the back burner, I was unable to grow my PLN as much as was anticipated, but I am proud of how often I had posted, as this is not a strong suit of mine to begin with. I was more comfortable sharing my work, and my processes. I even posted a video of myself throwing a bowl on the potter’s wheel on my Facebook, which is something I have never done before. I received a ton of support for it, and found that showing my friends and family how my process worked, I could show them just how much time and effort goes into my pieces.

I am going to try and keep up with my professional Twitter account, hopefully being able to work with it more and grow it as I spend time in my new job.

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