Fine Arts and Their Schemata

Fine Arts and Their Schemata

Even though I am not a studio artist, or have the major in college as one, I do dabble in the arts and love to draw/paint. Below I have placed an image of a work of art I have created that will best be described through Ernst Gombrich’s schemata perspective:

This image is of my backyard. I took a photo of this image, and then recreated it using oil pastel. When looking at this through the use of schemata (the illusion of reality that can be effectively achieved), I wasn’t working based off of what I knew. For instance, the grass is green, just as people generally agree that grass is green when depicted in anything. If I had drawn this, I would have used green grass. However, the use of blue, yellow, brown in the grass gives it more of an illusion of reality and depth. This is something I cannot come up with in my head or on my own. I needed the reference photo in order to understand that at that specific time of day and during that specific time of year, the grass would be looking like this. Another aspect of this piece that was a schemata is the use of shading vs. light on the bushes and trees. I know that a tree would be light where the sun hits it, and dark where it wouldn’t, also allowing depth. I would not, however, know exactly where the light and shade would fall. The placement of the trees, their heights, and the general feel of the photo was taken completely from nature as well.

There is not much to differ from this piece to the original scene in nature. I tried my best to get most of the exact detail and make the illusion of reality in this piece. The differences can be seen with the medium used, as oil pastel that is not smudged makes an interesting texture on the paper. There are also some perspective issues, as halfway up the image there is a dip, where I have a hill in my yard that created an illusion of a flat surface of grass. Of course, not all of the colors are correct and all of the shading is exact, making this image appear to be a creation of something from nature, and not as if someone were looking into a scene of nature in real life.

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