Intellectual Journey

Intellectual Journey

For my senior capstone course, I will start with a post explaining my intellectual journey:

I am from Pelham, NH, and I have been in this town all of my life. Living in this town, I learned how important community is and how a small school system can have larger flaws than one that is larger with more tax money coming in. This being said, I have found my high school, Pelham High School, had decreased in quality and passion when it came to teaching students and improving test scores.

I worked in several places from the age of 15 to now. My first job was at Market Basket, where I learned how to work as a cashier and how to fit into a schedule along with finally taking care of my first car. This brought on quite a bit of  responsibility for my age, and allowed me to appreciate the value of a dollar much more.

Moving into high school, I found myself wondering how I could improve the livelihood of other children. I found that the lack of moral from my classmates and teachers lead to people losing interest in their futures. The only positive part of our school for a long time was our art/music departments. The students would spend their free time in the art room, where my teachers, Mr. Locke and Mr. Norton, would welcome anyone to create work. Students could enjoy themselves and get messy, which was a complete 180 compared to the bland and tiresome atmosphere in the other classrooms.

Sophomore year was the year I started figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I was having trouble understanding what might be my best fit in the workforce. I was speaking to my mother in my kitchen and she asked me, “Well, what do you like to do?” I said that I enjoyed art and helping people. She then told me that I was able to work as an Art Therapist, where I could do exactly what I wanted. Since then, I have been excited and determined to keep this goal in mind, with some variation. I now would like to work with children with disabilities, and help them work through any troubles they may have without feeling the need to vocalize and communicate audibly to me.

Taking the art classes I did when I was in high school, and having such supporting teachers and family, I have always felt confident in my decision to move in this direction in my life. I have found that there is a strong need for this line of work, and I am beyond excited to know that I have had a plan for this career for the majority of my life.

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