Prospectus for Applied Project

Prospectus for Applied Project

For my Applied Project, I would like to figure out more on how doing just an hour or two of art can help relieve some stress for people. As a question, I would ask: Does making art for a short period of time cause any sort of stress relief? Being in college, and dealing with everyday stressors in life, people sometimes have trouble finding any sort of outlet for their emotions. Following my major, I would want to see if people find themselves less stressed and less worried about their stress after doing art for an hour or two.

Stress can cause a large amount of health issues and helping people to be less stressed can lead to a healthier happier life. If I could create a time and atmosphere that will allow people to work and communicate, creating similar works, they may feel less stress by putting their emotions into something other than their lives.


For my project, I would like to:

  • Create a Paint Night for students and non-students, where people can gather for free
    • This could take place at the Museum of the White Mountains, Kiln’ Time, or somewhere with a similar quiet and private space free of many distractions.
  • I would give this project an hour or two, but no more than three hours
  • I would make this paint night during the evening, to work around people’s schedules, and make it easier to make the event
  • I would allow the time to be free, with materials provided, for people to come and not worry about providing their own materials, and only coming to release stress
  • The entire event would be recognized and mentioned as a stress relief-based event, perhaps with a survey before and after to mark levels of stress

I will be able to record this event using photos, videos, and surveys. I will allow a sign-in and comment sheet as well, while making sure everyone knows that I want to record their emotions and understand just how much their stress level changes.


I have been in several painting/drawing classes and feel as though I would be able to lead a painting class. If I would rather be recording this event, I do have friends who are Art Education majors, and may want to also teach the lesson. For the sake of my own recording, I would also be a part of the event, instead of only observing. With regards to materials, I will be able to contact the Student Support Foundation about funds for purchasing paints and canvases and brushes. I would also need easels for the canvases to stay on.

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