Prospectus for Research Article

Prospectus for Research Article


For my Research Article, I would begin by asking myself the question of: How does Art Therapy help Special Education in early childhood? If this hasn’t had any research to it, I would then ask the question: How could Art Therapy help Special Education in early childhood? My audience would go to guardians of children with disabilities, and potentially a broader audience that would benefit more from learning about this newer, innovative way of therapy.


My sentence for this project would be:


I am working on the topic about the helpfulness of Art Therapy in order for my reader to better understand how much it could help a child with special needs.


I personally enjoy working with art and have had family friends and cousins tell me that their child has benefited greatly from working with an art therapy-type of therapy. My cousin and my brother are both autistic, on completely different ends of the spectrum, and I have an innate passion for helping people who need a little bit more help than others. I am also battling with my own mental illnesses, having anxiety, PTSD, and depression since I was 13. I have been able to work through many of my own personal struggles using different methods of art making. My previous muse was charcoal, with my current passion falling into ceramics.


In order to make my project as realistic and believable as possible, I will need factual evidence, and perhaps even some opinions on counsellors/ people who work with people with special needs. I will also need video, and demonstration in order to get my point across, and place a face to some of the many people who would benefit from this type of therapy. I can also touch on other holistic types of therapy, and the benefit of those too, as one singular type of therapy cannot possibly be the exact fit for every person.

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  1. Great ideas here. Think about the type of paper you want this to be: a meta-analysis or a white paper. That will help guide you in the types of research you do and the shape of the paper overall.

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