The Problem With Psychic Protection

The Problem With Psychic Protection

I have to admit I hate the term psychic protection.

I really feel it induces worry and opens the doorway for insecurities, superstition and encourages the need for ritual within an space of our lives which is as natural to us as the ability to breath.

Being psychic is natural and it is as natural as to us as breathing: we’re all psychic. Having a sixth sense or a psychic ability allows us to be caring, sensitive people and so help those that need help without them having to ask for it.

It will possibly also enable us to sense or really feel which people are safe to be around and who we should avoid. It is also a deeper perception or awareness which helps us to work out what is right for our own life journey and what is wrong. Whether or not we listen to these instincts or not, well that could be a completely different matter and is commonly how we learn life lessons.

As soon as we begin our psychic development, we are told we should protect ourselves.

It’s drilled into us. It’s drilled so well and so deeply that I can bear in mind my very first (and final with this instructor) spiritual workshop as if it had been yesterday. I still shudder at the memory.

“We should protect before and after each session. We should remain protected at all times!” I was told by a reasonably stern lady. And being inquisitive and keen, I felt I should ask what I used to be truly protecting myself against. Well, how would I ever know if I didn’t ask?

Only you see, if there were any green slime monsters going round then I might quite like to seek out one and keep it. I have sons they usually love things like that. Dinosaurs, monsters, blood, guts, anything eating anything else and particularly slime. Slime would be a definite bonus.

“Energies! You might be protecting your self in opposition to energies!” I used to be enthusiastically informed.

“What kind?” I inquired. Well, I used to be a science teacher… the good kind; the kind who is genuinely concerned with what’s going on around me… it is in my nature to ask questions. After all if we do not ask, then how will we learn?

“Negative energies!” got here the reply in a voice laden with doom and dread.

I would have asked for greater details however by this time I realised everyone was obtrusive at me with annoyance and dare I say probably a smidgen of negative energy.

I took the hint and settled back making an attempt to remember if there was a physics lesson about negative energy I had missed. Now I’ve to say I’m not a fan of physics. I’m certain it has its place within the workings of life however usually speaking physics was just a lesson which we had to sit by way of before we got to flee to go and get lunch. I confess I usually spent the complete hour planning what I might chose from the school canteen quite than take note of prisms and er… well, I know we definitely covered prisms. I’m certain we will need to have covered more than this however I do feel I have just made my level fairly well.

Burger on a bun, chips and gravy by the way was the standard selection of lunch just in case you were wondering.

And really, thinking about physics lessons, with hindsight if we had been taught about negative energy I’m sure I could well have paid more consideration to the lesson and less to my potential lunch! It sounds a lot more attention-grabbing than Prisms!

I made a decision that I didn’t particularly like spiritual workshops based upon worry and so very little fact or precise knowledge, so I by no means went back again.

After all, I had managed these 30 or so years without being protected and I had not once seen a green slime monster. I would have remembered. I’d have probably picked it up and sneaked it into my bedroom alongside with a host of different beasties which I felt the need to ‘rescue’ and hide from my Mother.

There were usually a minimum of three animals/birds/bugs and so forth within my tiny eight ft by 12 ft bedroom all under orders to stay quiet, not eat each other and positively no poop. They rarely listened to me.

I am positive by now you realise that my sons get their love of nature and gore from their biologist mother.

To this day nevertheless I hate with an absolute passion the phrase ‘psychic protection’.

Why do I dislike the time period a lot?

Glad you asked.

I dislike it because in utilizing the actual word ‘protection’ we’re implying that there’s something negative out there which is out to get us that we’d like protecting from and this simply is not true.

We’re the truth is utilizing suggestive words with very negative connotations to explain a process which is definitely fairly superb and an necessary part of our psychic development. I will explain but first let’s change that horrible phrase straight away to at least one which is more comforting, nicer and possibly even ever-so slightly positive. I’m positive it is feasible if we try. How about psychic padding? There. Doesn’t that really feel different?

Softer and gentler perhaps?

Psychic padding is required to help buffer us from the energies of those around us and indeed to buffer others from our own energies: particularly before we develop to an advanced level where we understand what being psychic means.

We need psychic padding at first merely because we’re very aware of the energies round us. As psychics we are ‘sensitives’ and it is these energies to which we’re sensitive. See. That’s not too sophisticated now is it and even higher, it is fear-free.

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